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At Custom Paint & Airbrushing

we can rejuvenate your bike/scooter or you can have a complete custom paint job or why not just have a little artwork painted on your ride or helmet, I can also repair and plastic weld any cracked or broken panels then paint any of your damaged panels back to their former glory

Sid says thanks guys for the brilliant job you have done on my triumph spitfire

My dad is having his done next

Here is Sid’s spitfire, she had seen better years but after a couple of weeks with us here at custom paint she was like new again

This is Terry’s helmet he is a member of the rblriders and wanted a helmet to reflect that, this is the end result

Andy Smith say’s i am so happy with my bike

I will always listen to your needs and help you the best way to get what you want for your project You can expect nothing but Quality workmanship Welcome News What people say Quality Personal touch Specialising in paintwork with a Your Way. Your paintwork.

Andy say’s this is my fourth bike painted at custom paint

They always make a

brilliant job